Computational Design
& Visualization Lab.

A multidisciplinary team that brings together Computer Scientists, Graphic Designers, New Media Artists, Mathematicians and Biologists.


Dynamic logotype, Visual grammar


The first step was rooted in the visualization part of CDV, with a set of three-dimensional axis evoking the possible metrics of correlated data in different graphic-like spaces. The second step was to make the identity true to the space itself, in this case a laboratory where computational tools play a big role. The square of the pixel evolved to a cube, bounding an area where experimentation and creativity take place. With references to traditional problem solving such as the Rubiks' Cube along the way, the concept expanded with the use of grids and matrices of pure data. Turning data into information is a big part of CDV lab.'s mission, so the final step stimulates the weight of the dots turning them into a — before no longer perceived — cube.  



CDV Lab, University of Coimbra

João Cunha, Tiago Martins



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