José Bronze — 
Brand Strategist

Strategy is the foundation of any brand. But how to brand strategy itself?


Brand identity, Digital design, Website design


What face could strategy have?José Bronze sees himself as a decoder, and across his broad and international spectrum of work, he gives brands the right course of action to best fulfill their goals. This global posture takes him around the world helping projects lift off into new heights.


A decoder provides a strategic point of view crucial to achieve the best route to success. The raw, yet expressive, geometry of runway designators on airport tracks express this focus on clarification and function. They are simple to draw and hard to mistake, just as quality strategy should be. 


The design project is built with elements that work alone with a certain function, but together as a visual grammar — a brand to José Bronze’s unique methodology of work in 4 steps: Nowcast, Insight, Forecast and Foresight. The website embodies this common place for projects of markets as far away from each other as the Middle East and South America, and for sectors as different as banking and healthcare.


Graphics are the number one tool for a strategist. An array of design standards for typography, color and pattern, give a unified tone to this more commonly overlooked element in a brand strategist’s visual communication. You can experience the website in its full motion, across any device, as well as the graphical work developed here.



José Bronze
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Web development
Luís Lucas Pereira


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