Branding for a series of exhibitions, publications, concerts and conferences around the aesthetic vanguards that had their genesis in the October Russian Revolution of 1917.


Brand identity, Poster design, Book design


The visual identity takes advantage of the name given to the exhibition by the curators: "Rrevolution!" with two "R's".



This duplicity of meaning is accentuated by the design of two distinct types of letters: one for the initial "R" and the final exclamation mark ("!"), and another for the word "revolution" itself.

The initial "R" and the final "!" evoke the purity of the geometric elements (based on the square, circle and triangle), in relation with Russian aesthetics. On the other hand, the word "revolution", which appears in the middle of the wordmark, results from a revolutionary gesture with the use of stencil letters, which are easy to reproduce.

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College of the Arts
University of Coimbra


Jovens Criadores 2017,
Clube Português de Artes e Ideias


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